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Healthcare and Life Sciences

Our Healthcare and Life Sciences Solutions enable you to react to dynamic changes in both sectors. They empower you to become more digital, nimble, responsive, and focused on patients. Our expertise in this area enables us to provide our clients with tailored services.


We offer In-Depth Insurance Solutions to help insurance service providers through the facilitation of knowledge exchange and a focus on value creation. We nurture partnerships that improve workforce performance while significantly containing costs.

Energy, Resource & Utilities

Our Business Process Services help organizations move from operational excellence and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to real-time decision making. We help organizations manage risks and outcomes, as well as deliver a consistent and premium user experience.

Communication, Media and Technology

We have designed digitalization services to facilitate the transformation of business processes. Our services for digital media firms serve to improve customer relationships, build sustainable infrastructure, and provide a streamlined view of data across the organization.

Banking and Finance

Our experience within the financial services industry has prepared our analysts to skillfully navigate the multiple divisions of a company in different capacities. Financial services customers will be assured that their money is in the hands of trustworthy people who understand their needs and empathize with their concerns.


Our platform provides the best brand advocates for retailers, helping you maintain a low total cost for customer service. Our business process solutions provide clients access to dedicated and adept customer service providers. You and your customers receive the best, with less cost.

Consumer Goods and Distribution

Smart Business Solutions and Consultancy's Solutions for Consumer Goods help to empower sales teams of Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and support different routes to market, sales, and delivery models and geographies.

Public Services

We can help deliver public services when budgets are tight and targets still need to be met. Our customer service, support, and back office teams are ready to assist across the public sector in areas including: healthcare, education, environment, regulation, revenue, welfare and much more.

Travel, Transportation and Hospitality

Be it travel and hospitality, tourism, and/or transportation, we are highly skilled at handling reservations and marketing, and work with each kind of operational modality.


We seek your partnership in order to provide you the right connections across the whole of your enterprise. You will be able to create experiences that deliver rapid and sustainable value for your customers.