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Smart Business Solutions and Consultancy Seat Leasing

Seat Leasing

Seat Leasing is one of the versatile work space solution offered by Smart Business Solutions and Consultancy. We provide a customizable approach to your work space. We work with our clients to assess the best arrangement and provide support- as little or as much is needed. Our IT staff will ensure that your technological needs are met, whether you are doing data processing or operating a call center and require a dialing system.

Our Seat Lease Package is Inclusive of:

  • PC/Laptop, Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse (Headsets not provided)
  • Agent desk and office chair
  • Seat lease plug and play
  • High Speed Internet connection
  • Electricity and Air Conditioning
  • Backup power provided by the building in case of power outage
  • IT support ensuring internet connection is stable
  • Dedicated direct Fiber optic lease line
  • Multiple ISP providers
  • Redundant internet connection with multiple gateways
  • 24/7 Security guard with biometric access
  • Security cameras in work areas
  • Microsoft O/S, MS Office and optional Dialer access
  • Maintenance and support
  • Use of Conference room